RAW Products

RAW products are aimed at the demanding craftsperson with a strong focus on
construction durability and quality. All RAW products are tested to exacting standards
and have been carefully designed for the Nordic climate and construction industry

Timber Carefully selected construction timbers of the highest quality.
Boards A wide range of boards for the purposes of all construction projects.
Mouldings and Architraves Mouldings for any finishing processes.
Doors, Windows and Stairs A wide range of high quality products for the finished construction.
Roof RAW has all the accessories needed to construct the roof. Carefully selected for Nordic construction
Barrier Layer RAW barrier layers are necessary in Nordic construction projects to prevent mould and rot.
Floors & Tiles RAW finishes the building with a focus on durability, functionality and individual building style.
Walls & Foundations Specially selected quality building materials from RAW form the foundation for quality construction.
Sand, Gravel & Tarmac RAW supplies the necessary materials for casting and tarmac surfacing
Paint, Lacquer & Oil RAW paint is the professional construction choice.
Tools & Accessories RAW offers a quality range of tools for professional tradesmen.
Garden & Auto Professional garden equipment and trailers. Especially selected for professional tradesmen.


More and more craft enterprises focus on sustainable construction materials, especially to accommodate developers in the private as well as the public sector who make ever greater demands of materials and the sustainability of the construction project.

Documented sustainability

RAW is your guarantee for sustainable buying, and you can read much more about this in the brochure “Including sustainability in your project”.
The folder includes an overview of all the sustainable RAW products and the benefits of making sustainable choices when building and when advising your clients

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